By Española Sports Medicine | Therapy News

Physical, occupational and speech therapy can be a great service for patients recovering from COVID-19. Here are 10 ways that therapists can help:

  1. Aerobic training to improve cardiovascular and pulmonary health while monitoring rate of exertion
  2. Strength training to regain lost muscle strength
  3. Endurance training to decrease fatigue and increase participation in pre-COVID activities
  4. Balance training to reduce fall risk
  5. Training to improve mobility and prior function
  6. Training on strategies and techniques to increase independence and safety
  7. Assessment of vital signs during therapy to provide the just-right challenge
  8. Education and training in-home exercise programs
  9. Energy conservation skills and work simplification techniques
  10. Assistance with swallowing difficulties due to reduced respiratory support or ventilator use

If you’re recovering after a COVID-19 hospital stay or positive diagnosis, and you need help from a therapist to get back to your normal level of activity, please contact us for more information.

November 20, 2020