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5 Tips for Safely Exercising in the Heat

Clair Bradbury, PT | Clinic Manager

Many of us are choosing to bring our workouts outdoors to make the most of the beautiful weather. While the warmth is refreshing, it’s easy to forget the toll it can take on our body. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while exercising in the heat this summer:⁣

Pay attention to the temperature.
Stay in tune with the heat and plan your workout accordingly. Consider working out in the morning when the weather is often cooler.⁣

Choose the proper attire.
Pick clothes that are loose-fitting, light in color and don’t weigh you down. Protect your eyes with a visor or hat.

Apply sunscreen.
Wearing sunscreen is vital to protect your skin from skin cancer and sunburn.⁣ Reapply often if you remain outdoors for extended time.

Take it slow.
Your body is going to have to get used to the heat if you are used to exercising indoors. Allow yourself to ease into things over the course of two weeks until you feel fully acclimated.⁣

Stay hydrated.
Water intake is especially important when exercising in hot weather. Make sure to drink water even when you may not feel thirsty. ⁣As sweat evaporates from your skin, it removes heat from the body, but you also lose body fluid. Drinking water replaces lost fluids, reduces the risk of heat stress and helps maintain performance levels.

With the right planning, taking your workout outdoors can be a fun way to mix up your normal physical activity routine. Staying in tune with how your body feels throughout your workout is important to avoid injury and heat-related illness.

If you are dealing with an injury, surgery or other conditions that hinder your ability to stay active, contact Española Sports Medicine at 505-753-6550 to learn more or schedule an evaluation.

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